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Artist Statement

In my work I use images from old magazines from the forties up to the sixties. The images that I choose are often evoking a certain feeling. Typically, a daily situation that becomes eerie and, due to the lack of context, touches onto the unknown.

By coloring them, using specific cutouts, leaving out details and backgrounds, I try to further enhance this feeling.
My works are literally and figuratively fragments of a bigger picture.
The subjects are taken out of their own contexts and placed in a new environment. An environment filled with silence, where not much is taking place. A quiet utopian moment in time, but which sometimes hints to an ominous atmosphere.

A term I found describing this feeling is 'das unheimliche', a Freudian term meaning the uncanny; an estrangement of something otherwise familiar, resulting in a discomforting feeling.
Creating a narrative based on silence and an unmoved environment, I distance myself from the hustle and bustle of present-day society and demand my peace and time back.

I hope to allow the viewer the same.
Because of the lack of context in the resulting image, a dialogue is formed between work and viewer, the narrative is open for interpretation.